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Awesome fundraising results

College students have been busy working on special projects centered around fundraising activities.

The first project, run by the Year 11 VCAL students, kept us in suspense with mysterious ‘roses’ posters appearing around the college.
The successful campaign was designed to raise awareness and funds for Cystic Fibrosis.
Cystic Fibrosis is an inherited genetic condition which mainly affects the lungs, digestive system and sweat
glands. There is currently no cure and funds are urgently needed to continue research.
Students collected orders for roses over the course of one month and the beautiful locally grown flowers were delivered on the 16th June.

The result: a total profit of $621 donated to this important cause.

Well done!

The second fundraiser was organised by the Year 9 Enhancement class.
Students in this class wished to focus on a project that would improve community engagement, develop leadership skills, help others less fortunate and strengthen teamwork.
Collectively they decided to raise funds for the local food bank 4C’s in the form of a school wide ‘free dress day’.
The task proved challenging, needing approval from the School Council and then promoting it to staff and students.
Donations were raised on the day in the form of a gold coin or food/toiletry item.

The result: $420 in cash plus 750 donated items, totaling a value of over $2000.

It wasn’t only the 4Cs who gained from this campaign. Students expressed how they thoroughly enjoyed the experience, valued the responsibility granted to them and appreciated how much hard work a fundraising campaign really takes.

Excellent work!

Photo credit: Supplied by Jenny Healy


Pyramid of food and toiletry items donated.


Students gather around the pyramid of donated goods.